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Typical iron foundry in distress

Industry: Iron Foundry

Sector: Hand-held casting products and machine moulding products


Country of Origin: Germany | Germany

Target Countries: Germany, India

Target Areas: European Union, BRICS countries (emerging markets Brazil, Russia, India, China, South Africa), Asia

In the field of hand-held casting, this company is a typical iron foundry. In the field of hand-mould casting, individual parts and small series with unit weights of up to 50 tons are manufactured. Typical products are housing parts for gas and steam turbines, clamping units of plastic injection moulding machines as well as components for presses, compressors and compressors. In the area of machine moulding, series parts with unit weights of up to 100 kg are manufactured, in particular for drive and hydraulic components. In hand mould casting, the products are characterized by homogeneous material even with extreme wall thicknesses and wall thickness variations. In machine moulding, complex core geometries for pressure-tight components are the essential know- how. The company supplies well-known industrial processors, especially in the fields of power generation, automotive and mechanical engineering.

The company suffered from various causes of crisis: The floods in the north-western part of Germany in July 2021 can be identified as one cause of the crisis. In addition to the in part considerable damage to the infrastructure, the associated shutdown of operations for around four weeks also led to noticeable losses. Furthermore, the insolvency of the Belgian sister company in March 2022 was accompanied by a significant loss of receivables at the company's expense.

Finally, the price increases, some of them massive, for energy and materials were not passed on to customers in sufficient amounts or too late.

hand-hold casting, individual parts and small series with unit weights of up to 50 tons, e.g. housing parts for gas and steam turbines etc. and machine molding with series parts with unit weights of up to 100 kg for drive and hydraulic components
Revenue 2021: EUR 20,846,000

Price: €/$ on request

Revenue Multiple 2021: 0.00

Key figures concerning output in € in the recent three years. business year from 01.01. to 31.12. (In prior years 16/17 and 17/18 the business years comprise the period 1.07. to 30.06.)
16/17: € 30,271,000
17/18: € 30,611,000
2019: € 27,917,000
2020: € 19.786,000
2021: € 20.846,000

Employees currently around 120 workers and additional 60 staff provided by service provider in a service contract relationship

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